Somasense® Somatic Therapy

Have you got clients who, no matter what approaches you use, remain "stuck"? Previous trauma not only changes the mind, it is also stored as body-memory trauma. "Top down" therapeutic approaches, which focus on cognitive awareness, can only be so effective when the body remains stuck in trauma time. Somatic therapies provide the means to work with the body and mind as one. Somasense® provides you with a clear protocol on how to work with your client's mind-body connection and to release stored trauma in a safe way. Upon completion of this course, which is designed for counsellors, psychologists, hypnotherapists and other healthcare professionals, you will be able to call yourself a Somasense® practitioner and utilise the client resources and marketing materials which accompany the course, displaying to your clients a seal of quality and specialisation as a somatic therapist.

Somasense® Story

Somasense® developed from my desire to work in a more meaningful way with clients who, no matter how much work we did together, seemed to remain "stuck". When I realised that "top down" approaches, which prioritised cognitive change, failed to help these clients move forwards, I increasingly researched somatic approaches and began to incorporate mind-body modalities into my practice. The transformations my clients experienced were remarkable and over the years I developed an accessible and highly effective protocol which I now want to share with you. Whether you're a counsellor, hypnotherapist, psychologist or other healthcare professional, this course enables you to incorporate somatic ways of working into your practice. Upon course completion, which includes an assignment, you will be entitled to call yourself a Somasense® practitioner and use the Somasense® logo and client materials.

Mind-body Awareness

When past trauma is stored in the body, "top down" approaches can fail to move your clients forward. Working with your clients' mind-body connection has the potential to help them release and move on from previous trauma.

Neuroscience & Somatic Theory

We often hear people talk about the "mind-body" connection or psychosomatic conditions. After completing this course, you will understand the neuroscience behind mind-body connections and somatic therapeutic modalities.

Somasense® Protocol

The Somasense® protocol provides you with a session-by-session approach to incorporate somatic therapy into your existing practice. Somasense® is flexible enough to complement other therapeutic modalities, no matter what your previous knowledge and therapeutic background.

Somasense® Practitioner Course


Somasense® Practitioner Course