Certificate in Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain - pain which lasts for more than three months - affects approximately 43% of the population, with up to 62% of over-75 year olds being affected. Conventional bio-medical approaches often fail people with chronic pain conditions and there is a high demand for alternative and complementary treatments, including hypnotherapy. Chronic pain often has a strong psychological component and hypnotherapy can help by helping people release past trauma which is trapped in the body, reframe their thinking and responses to their condition and allow their body to heal during sessions and through the use of self-hypnosis.

Neuroscience and Chronic Pain

In this course you will learn about the neuroscience behind chronic pain and why hypnosis can be such an effective treatment.

Holistic Approach

Working with chronic pain goes so far beyond helping your client manage their physical condition. This course teaches you how to help with all aspects of a client's life which have been affected - including their confidence levels and future outlook.

Multi-modality Approach

Integrate a variety of approaches, including CBT, NLP and command cell therapy to help your client move forwards in life in a more empowered way.

Certificate in Chronic Pain Management