Certificate in CBT-Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provides a structured way of working to help your client make links between their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Combining this approach with hypnosis takes it to a whole new level by using rescripting and imaging techniques. This course provides you with scripts, client handouts, PowerPoint presentation and a comprehensive overview of CBT so that you have the confidence to establish yourself as a CBT-Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

Why this course matters

CBT is widely recognised as a research based therapeutic approach and is used within organisations such as the NHS and mental health charities. CBT allows you to work in a focused, goal-oriented way with your clients and combine the power of hypnosis with the structure of CBT.

CBT for Positive Life Change

CBT-Hypnotherapy provides a powerful way for clients to identify and take control of their beliefs and actions. Learn how to confidently help clients create positive change in their lives.

CBT-Hypnosis Protocol

Combining CBT with hypnosis takes it to a whole new level. Learn the CBT-Hypnotherapy protocol and receive client handouts and scripts including the ABCDE Questionnaire and Motivational Interviewing guidelines.

Integrated Learning Experience

Learn at your own pace with video demonstrations, PowerPoint presentation and written materials. Course includes a marked assignment and Certificate and Seal of Approval on completion of course.

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