Course structure

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The modules in this course can be considered as fitting into one of three sections.

Section 1

This section covers those factors which are significant in providing a legally sound, ethical and supportive environment for working with children.

Section 2

This section explores the different types of approaches you can take to working with children, including an exploration of CBT, NLP, Mindfulness and Metaphor Work.

Section 3

This section explores the types of issues which children commonly present with and how to work with these issues, offering suggested protocols for dealing with particular presenting issues.

You will find accompanying PowerPoint presentations throughout this course and resources, scripts and references can be found towards the end of the course.

You are required to submit an assignment, details of which are provided at the end of the course. Upon completion and submission of your assignment, you will be provided with your KidsMatters Certificate and AIM Seal of Approval.