With its roots in the work of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, psychodynamic therapy allows you to work on a deep, analytical level with your clients. This course provides you with the knowledge, resources and scripts to confidently work with clients who remain "stuck" because of past trauma. Using the skills from this course, you can help your client heal past wounds and move forwards in life with greater awareness.

Academy of the Inner Mind

The Academy of the Inner Mind (AIM) offers a range of Continuing Professional Development courses which count for 8 hours recognised CPD with the GHR, NCH and other professional hypnotherapy bodies.

Rescripting and Healing

Psychodynamic hypnotherapy gives you the tools to help your client heal from past trauma and focus on rescripting a new future for themselves where they can leave behind old, unhelpful voices.

Increased awareness

Many of your clients will keep engaging in self-destructive behaviours and forming unsatisfying relationships - without really knowing why. Applying a psychodynamic hypnotherapy approach will allow your clients to make links between their current situation and their past - and to move forwards in an empowered, informed way.

Beyond Regression

Psychodynamic hypnotherapy often brings up images of regression. This course not only teaches you how to use regression cautiously and ethically, but provides a range of alternative psychodynamic tools for client work.

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