Certificate in Mindfulness-Hypnotherapy

Mindfulness can help people adopt a healthier perspective and incorporate practices into their lives which help with issues including anxiety, depression and chronic pain. This course teaches you how to introduce your clients to mindfulness in a way which is accessible and effective and to combine mindfulness with hypnotherapy.

Neuroscience of Mindfulness

You'll learn about the neuroscience of mindfulness and the research which shows why mindfulness is so effective. You'll learn about the Default Mode Network and how to help your client build new neural pathways through mindfulness. A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation takes you through the neuroscience of mindfulness in an accessible way so that you can pass this knowledge onto your clients.

Changing Perspective

Mindfulness and hypnosis go hand in hand perfectly. In addition to working with clients during your hypnotherapy sessions (including a four step protocol), you'll receive the resources necessary to encourage them to adopt mindfulness into their lives at a deeper level.


This course provides you with suggestions for easily incorporating mindfulness into your life. We could probably all do with becoming more mindful and working through this course will help you develop your own mindfulness practice.

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